We are experts in and specialise in the following areas of insurance with a quest to achieve the Best Cover for the Best Premium and Excesses.

If we do not do this, we will be seen as having failed in our mission and service to you.

43 Years of experience has taught us all the tricks in the book.

Transport and Logistics:

43 Years of experience has taught us all the pains and aches of this industry. We therefore provide cover with a difference, all to the financial as well as cover benefits of our clients.


  • Comprehensive plus SASRIA as well as 24 hours free towing services in the event of an insurable claim
  • Own damage excess buydown to a flat R 5 000 excess on all claims
  • Hijack or Theft excess buydown to a NIL excess
  • Credit shortfall (Top Up cover)
  • Loss of use – This cover puts money back into your hands in order to hire in another vehicle in the event of an accident, hijacking or theft, thereby enabling you to proceed with your contractual obligations, leading to No Loss of turnover at all.
  • 3rd Party excess buydown to a NIL excess
  • Warehouse goods cover
  • Across borders cover


  1. Cover can be on normal Retail Value basis or on Agreed Value basis (normally vehicles older than 10 years with a valuation certificate or vehicles that were refurbished or rebuilt). If on Agreed Value basis, there is no deduction for value.
  2. Transport Brokers also form part of our portfolio and we often put them in touch with our clients and vice versa. Cover for Transport Brokers include contingency liability and we pride ourselves with timeous feedback to the transport broker where one of his/her transporters are insured with us.

Construction (Building, Civil, Roads and Services):


  • Contract Works and Public Liability – includes once off contracts as well as annual blanket cover
  • Guarantees – includes Performance and Retention guarantees


  1. Financially it makes better sense to make use of an Insurer in stead of a bank for the issuing of Guarantees as an Insurer will use property as covering collateral whereas banks use cash (which a contractor needs to operate with).
  2. Once an annual guarantee facility is established, the guarantee for each single contract thereafter, will be issued within 24 hours.



  • Fire and business interruption – including loss of profits
  • Machinery breakdown cover that covers sudden and unforeseen electrical or mechanical breakdown as well as resultant business interruption cover
  • Office contents
  • Storeroom contents  – fire and burglary
  • Electronic office equipment cover
  • All risks cover
  • Public liability cover

Plant (Mobile and Fixed Plant):


  • New Replacement Value basis – rate is based on the price of a new one, but the cover is limited to “new for old” basis on a partial loss and replacement basis of a similar kind, year model, hours used and condition in event of loss
  • Market or Agreed Value basis – rate is based on the market value agreed with the Insurer each year. Cover for total loss is the same as above or the actual sum insured as agreed. Partial losses can be new for old or used parts



  • Goods in Transit on an all risks basis as well as full Excess Buydown cover offered as an option. Driver involvement, malfunctioning of unit and incorrect temperature settings are also included
  • Contingent Liability cover for Transport Brokers
  • Cover for Boats and Jetski’s
  • Cover on the Import or Export of goods

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