Top tips when choosing an independent advisor

Let’s face it – most of us don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to navigate the minefield of financial planning, particularly when it comes to risk insurance products such as critical illness, disability, life and income protection. Even for the more financially savvy, it can be a minefield to try to navigate the interaction of complex financial products. So unless you’re willing to risk your financial future, there are few better suited to the job of ensuring you get … Read More

New laws regarding electric fences

New laws could see property owners paying the price if they don’t comply with the latest regulation that requires all electric fences to be installed by certified companies. If not, an insurance claim could be rejected. Property owners will also need a certificate of compliance, without it, owners won’t be able to sell their property. Those who fail to comply with the necessary regulations can be held liable even if the person injured by the fence is a criminal. “I … Read More

How does your insurer fare come claim time?

Here’s a cautionary tale for those contemplating trading in their sedans for an SUV  particularly a 4×4. It may be just the vehicles image you fancy, and you dont have any intention of taking it bundu-bashing, but expect to pay a relatively high insurance premium anyway. Short-term insurance is a highly competitive industry, each of the players trying hard to convince consumers that it provides the best-value premiums and that it’ll look after us in our hour of need: … Read More

Insurance premiums will escalate says leading insurer

Consumers will have to tighten their already taut belts in 2014 as insurance premiums are set to increase. This is according to Leon Vermaak, CEO of Auto & General Insurance. Vermaak says that South Africa’s weakening currency, the number of recent local natural disasters and the increase in vehicle accidents are the reasons behind the rate increases. He explains: “Auto & General, like all short-term insurance companies, insure their clients against the risk of making a claim. With the increased … Read More

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